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At YourGreenCanvas, our vision is to help bring back the “garden” to the heart of Bangalore. Being close to nature has great benefits and we understand that the city might take that away from us. However, with the revolutionary art of crafting your own miniature gardens, YourGreenCavans helps you achieve a life closer to nature – one office and one home at a time.


Over 5000 offices and homes have benefitted from our green solutions.
We’d love to have you join the green family.

Green Office Solutions

A green office equals a happy and productive office. Numerous studies have shown how using plants and incorporating the environment in your office space can help keep your employees happier, more productive and stress-free.

Through our Green Office Solutions, YourGreenCanvas helps corporates and small businesses create this happy and productive environment for all your employees and customers.

Ready to build a productive and happy workspace?

Green Home Solutions

Consider YourGreenCavas your personal artists. Artists who use nature as paint brushes and your homes as the canvas. Let our masterpieces from over 300 homes speak for itself.

YourGreenCanvas specializes in transforming home environments through a complete green landscape overhaul, both indoors and outdoors. We also specialize in plant staging (organizing your unorganized plants) and balcony makeovers, all of which helps bring nature one step closer to your homes.

Ready to transform your homes and bring nature closer?

Custom Arrangements

25% off

Take advantage of our season discount on custom terrariums.

Green Decor Rentals

The fact that special occasions come only once in a while should be no excuse as to why your special day shouldn’t have the absolute best. We understand the dilemma of buying something and then never having to use it again, which is why we’ve introduced the concept of renting green decor, so you can have the privilege of hiring beautiful pieces of green plantations that bring an added layer of AWESOMENESS to your special and meaningful occasions!

Magnify the experience of weddings, events or parties. Leave your guests awestruck with unforgettable memories that last a lifetime!

Events = Too much work = No time?

We understand how thin time is spread out during an event. Just give us a call and we’ll help set it all up for you! Get in touch with us for special indoor and outdoor landscaping services that leaves you with absolutely nothing to worry about, other than the phone calls you are going to get about how awesome your events was.


Here’s why our customers love us

I saw one of your plants in Fab India store yesterday, I feel I am under spell after that.. Its the most beautiful thing I have seen in recent times. And saw your collection here.. Absolutely enchanting… My complements to Your Green Canvas.

Pulkit Sharma

I always admired Your Green Canvas for their passion for this exquisite art. And as was expected, they not only gave me some beautiful pieces, but also added value by suggesting some unique shapes for the jars. It is their sheer love for nature that transforms into such beauties they create!! All the very best for all your natural endeavours!


Very satisfied…I just wanted to say that I had an wonderful experience with your team. They have done a wonderful job.

Neeraj Malakar

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