2018 saw a tremendous rise in blogging from all around the globe. Every other internet user has a blog now. In the blogging world, there are different kinds of blogs and bloggers who blog for the purpose of reaching specific goals. Some types of blogs include personal blogs, business blogs, media blogs, and others. In fact, as you might have noticed, we have been doing our bit of blogging too. Of course you would have noticed. This, right here, IS one of our blog posts and in this post, we pay homage to a few other bloggers who have excelled in their contribution to the world of green lifestyle and green living. This is our top 10 green lifestyle bloggers of 2018.

1. “Green living guy

Seth Leitman, the ‘Green Living Guy’, is a blogger, best-selling author, editor, and expert on going green and living an eco-friendly lifestyle. His blog has stories and news about green living, green cars, green fashion, and Seth’s own Green Guru Guides. In his own words, “I get inspired everyday by real action. Meaning a solar install is happening. Or someone’s just bought a Chevy Bolt or a Tesla. Someone or a company switched all their lighting and saved $1M a year. Real action is always better. It shows how the free market and people are going green regardless of policy or politics.”

2. “Hello Glow

Stephanie Gerber, the founder of Hello Glow is well known for her natural beauty tips, style, and overall wellness ideas. Her goal is to help women find their “glow” without chemicals or complications. Her blog is filled with innovative and useful DIY guides and tips for all sorts of everyday products, like coconut oil deodorant. They’re often also rather easy to make, like her homemade deodorant spray, which combines essential oils with vodka.

3. “Moral Fibres

On Moral Fibres, green lifestyle blogger, Wendy, shares her interest for sustainability and focuses on hints & tips that are easy to implement in your everyday life. In her blog, she covers topics such as Life & Style, Food & Drink, Home & Garden, as well as about families and travel. Says Wendy, “I like to try and build rapport with my readers – and I like to think this approach helps with that.”

4. “The Jungalow

Justina Blakeney, The Jungalow, is an interior designer who incorporates greenery into aspects of her work. She draws a great bit of her inspiration from bohemian and Moroccan patterns, and incorporates live plants into many of her designs. Blakeney is well known for using nontoxic paints and natural materials. Her posts often show you projects she’s completed, and shares how and where to find natural materials to create similar looks for your home. Blakeney also uses vintage pieces, which helps to cut down on waste.

5. “Sustainably Chic

Natalie, the author of green lifestyle blog, Sustainably Chic, writes about topics that cover sustainable fashion, green beauty, and eco-lifestyle. If you’re looking for a guide to a more conscious and responsible wardrobe, this is the blog to browse through. In her own words, “What motivates me in keeping up with the sustainable & eco lifestyle in the future. A big reason I became so hooked on the concept of sustainability was because I wanted future generations to experience life the way we have. Not only am I motivated by the future, but our current manufacturing climate is wanting me to constantly strive for something better. Working with businesses who care for their workers while keeping the planet in mind is extremely important to me.”

6. “The Foraged Life

Rachel Lees writes about her experiences in nature and the importance of conscious living, and includes gorgeous outdoor photos in every post. A great part of her posts focuses on reducing waste, including tips on how to shop and give holiday gifts without creating waste. There is also a plethora of delicious recipes, plus recommendations for eco-conscious activities.

7. “Global Stewards

Global Stewards, which was established in 1998, provides a series of green tips for an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Furthermore, they have a collection of action plans that will help you adopt a green lifestyle, as well as another section in which they write about current environmental issues and news.

8. “Wellness Mama

Green lifestyle blogger and mom of six, Katie began her healthy, natural lifestyle as a gift to her children. After having her first child, she read a disturbing piece saying that her children’s generation would face higher rates of cancer and other diseases than any generation preceding it. So she then started her journey toward healthy, natural foods while keeping away from chemicals. Her blog is helpfully organized into several sections, including one on home organization, which is ideal for those of us who are short on time.

9. “Eco Warrior Princess

Green lifestyle blogger, Jennifer Nini is the person behind Eco Warrior Princess. It all started with her being interested in politics, social justice, environmental issues, conservation, and fashion back in 2010. Since she started blogging, her website hasn’t stop growing. She continues to carry out her mission and inspires the masses “to be the change” & “to go green.”

10. “PAREdown home

Green lifestyle bloggers, Katelin Leblond and Tara Smith-Arnsdorf started their blog with the desire to change their lifestyle in a purposeful way. They decided to start working on living a zero-waste lifestyle, and here, they share their tips on how to get on the same track. They’ve got entire sections on family living, beauty, the home, and eating, with healthful, waste-free recipes plus tips on how to reduce your own household’s food waste. It can be tricky, but it reduces your carbon footprint as well as saves money.

There you go. These were our pick of the top 10 green lifestyle bloggers of 2018. Have we missed out any of your favourites? Please mention them in the comments section below. We wish you all a wonderful 2019, and hope you introduce some green changes into your life. Cheers.