We need to save Earth. Neglecting the minority of climate-change deniers, it is extremely clear to the vast majority that global warming and climate change are very real and serious problems today’s generations are facing. With rising ocean levels and erratic weather patterns, the consequences of the Earth’s treatment by us are starting to seep into our daily lives. As every second passes, it is becoming more and more imperative to adapt our lifestyles in such a way that the future generations have a healthy and sustainable planet to live on. Here are nine simple steps you can take to ensure a green planet for yourself and the countless number of life forms who inhabit Earth.

1) Sip don’t suck

Straws are one of the most unassuming yet greatest harms to our oceans. While most straws are recyclable, they are often too small and light and end up not getting properly recycled due to negligence. As a result, they end up choking our oceans or end up as litter on the streets. Made up of a fossil-fuel based substance polypropylene, straws contribute to staggering amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. The micro plastic beads also kill the marine life as well as wildlife on land.

A simple solution to help save Earth is either to not use a straw at all and encourage your neighbourhood drinks shops to reduce the straws given out, or make the switch to recyclable paper/steel or glass straws.

2) Get lit

Making the switch from regular bulbs to CFL bulbs may seem a little expensive at first. But gradually you’ll soon realize that your electricity costs will drastically reduce in the long-run and you’ll be help save Earth a great deal. CFL bulbs are a much greener option and buying CFL bulbs is an investment worth making.

3) Bring-it-yourself

Most offices have a small kitchen or cafeteria stocked with plastic cups ready for you to put in the steaming hot coffee that gets your day going. However, consider bringing your own mug or reusable water bottle to the office so that you can help reduce the consumption of the plastic cups there. Better yet, convince your office to get rid of the plastic cups or encourage them to use incentives such as a tiny discount for people who bring their own cups for coffee. This is a practice used in quite a few offices already and is definitely making a difference.

4) Get on the move

Walking to work may seem out of the question for most of us, but consider the amount of money you save as well as that little bit of time you can have all to yourself. If your workplace is close enough, then walking will not only get you the exercise you need to stay healthy, but also reduces your carbon footprint. Another green option that helps save Earth is carpooling or taking public transport.

5) Segregate

When it comes to waste, the simple motion of throwing away your litter into a bin makes a big impact – especially when that bin is the wrong bin. Educate yourself on the differences of wet and dry waste and make an effort to throw your garbage into the correct dustbin. Wet waste is all food waste and anything that can’t be recycled. Dry waste includes plastic and paper. When you spend an extra second to throw your trash in the bin, it has a positive impact on the waste disposal process that comes after and prevents improper disposal of waste.

6) Bag it

Plastic shopping bags are one of the most harmful polluters of the environment. While some cities have banned them in an effort to help save Earth, there is still an abundance of plastic bags in circulation. One tip you can take is to carry a foldable cloth bag in your purse with you, so if you have any unexpected shopping you can easily take it out and skip the carry bag. These foldable bags are reusable and many are tiny enough to fit comfortably in even a small purse. Shops too are incentivizing customers to stop using carry bags by putting a price on them. So, if you take your own bag, you’re saving a bit of money as well as well as helping save Earth!

7) Cold not hot

When washing your clothes, a lot more energy is used up when using hot water in your washing machine. A cold or warm water setting will do wonders when it comes to saving energy and your clothes will be just as clean but way more green! Energy consumption is high when using machines around the house and this tiny change can really help when trying to provide a green and safe future for the upcoming generations.

8) Go the e-way

With the advancement of technology, nearly everything can be done online on the internet. Science today allows us to pay bills online, book tickets and even order whatever we want. Paying bills and buying tickets online helps reduce the usage of paper considerably and this helps our trees all over the planet. Ordering online is not only fun but also saves you the trip to a store which in turn reduces your carbon footprint.

9) Keep it off

Energy consumption levels are at an all-time high, with the numerous gadgets and appliances we use to simplify our daily tasks. Although we may not be able to reduce our consumption, we can still make a difference by switching off the devices when they are not in use as opposed to just keeping them eternally plugged in and on stand-by. Switching off the lights when you leave a room is also a quick and effective way to stay green.

10) Embrace Green

When we say embrace green, we mean save life! Studies show us that the environment is taking a massive beating by the pollution and harmful gases being released into the Earth’s atmosphere . Forest are being cut down to build  concrete structures. They say small drops make mighty oceans and it is our plea to you to be those small drops in this mighty ocean. Plant a tree, utilize empty spaces to build beautiful gardens, get closer to nature or bring nature closer to you. Do what works for you but ensure you are contributing to the environment by nurturing green plants that contribute to a much cleaner Earth. If you would like to join the cause but don’t know how. Start by visiting local workshops on gardening or even eco-friendly organizations that hold this cause dearly at their hearts. Take small steps and get creative on how to scale. The Earth needs you to act at the earliest because without a healthy Earth, there will soon be no human race.  

These are a few ways you can go green and help make a better planet worth living in. Always keep in mind that a small move can go a long way, especially in this day and age where it is becoming increasingly important to educate the masses about the dangers of climate change and its ill effects.