Getting tired of the same old furniture and décor in your house? As time passes by, your home may seem a little boring to you and if you don’t want to spend a fortune renovating and buying brand new furniture, here are seven simple home decor ideas to transform your home.

#1. Add a splash of colour

The easiest way to transform an object or household is simply to put a coat of paint over it! Paint a wall or two, the bookshelves, tables and even your pots! A variety of paint is available at any homeware store and you can make a fun day of painting the house out of it. Another idea for a revamp is to colour code your rooms accordingly, so you don’t even have to choose between two colours when you can have both!

#2. Go green

We all love the earth and what better way is there to show our love for it than to add a few plants to the great indoors? Brighten up your interiors by buying indoor plants, which not only will add an earthy and cozy feel to your home but will also pave the way for green living. Fresher air and a healthy atmosphere will only add to the aesthetic of your living space. Plants are inexpensive and just need a little bit of water, love and sunlight to survive, so your décor revamping will be both economical and beneficial. You can buy or paint your pots in snazzy colours and add your own touch to it by hanging pots from the balcony or strategically placing them on the walls. Vases of flowers around the house will also work wonders for a good colorful revamp. This, by far, is the ultimate of home decor ideas that gives you a fresher house too.

#3. Start with Art

There’s nothing like having fine art hanging on the walls of your home to spruce it up. Wall art doesn’t necessarily have to be paintings, they can be art pieces or models. Murals are also included in the vast selection of wall art. Artwork will not only add an aesthetic touch to the room but is also a personal statement and helps reflect who you are and the vibe you want your home to give out. Paintings and figurines are available in abundance and if you don’t want to splurge on it, you can support  plenty of talented artists who are willing to sell their creations for an affordable price.

#4. Declutter

Sometimes a good old spring-cleaning can be just the thing to make your home look fresh and new. Over time you would have accumulated a great many items which you surely will not need all of. One of the best home decor ideas is to take some time out to go through all of them and give them away. Getting rid of old furniture or décor items like old lamps and rugs can really make a difference A cluttered room may prevent you from optimizing your space and may also distract you while resting at home. . You will be able to have much more space and a more comfortable living space.

#5. Easy does it

In a majority of cases, revamping your home with a brand new set of furniture may seem a bit extreme but no one is stopping you from replacing an old sofa or two. If adding even one new piece of furniture is an option, you should definitely try a new item in a statement colour! If your home is modern, you should try going for a brand new ergonomic design that complements your home. If your home is more traditional, bag an antique item at a secondhand store or a boutique which will add to the atmosphere in your home.

#6. Create a reading corner

Another of the home decor ideas. If you don’t have a special place to read in your home yet, you can turn one of the small corners or nooks into a reading zone. For all those bookworms out there, a little nook is just perfect for placing a big fluffy cushion propped up on a wooden box or chair. Installing a small light in the space along with a little shelf to keep a few of your current reads is a good idea to fill that empty space which you have in your home.

#7. Accessorize

Accessories can make an enormous difference when it comes to styling your home. Simple items like cushions and rugs can change the look of a room. You also have the option of adding a mirror to the living room. If you have a small corner space which is too narrow to fit any pieces of furniture for storage then you can utilize the space by placing a tall, free standing mirror against the wall to take up the area. Leaning the mirror against the wall will have look good and help make the space less awkward. Other accessories you can use are lamps, photo frames and baskets.

Do you have any home decor ideas of your own? Please mention them in the comment section below.